Sean Hanson

Sean Hanson is a board certified Physician Assistant by the NCCPA. He grew up in Toledo, OH and considers himself to be from the Midwest. He finished high school in Toledo and decided he wanted to become a Physician Assistant. Upon graduating high school, he entered into a 5-year Physician Assistant program at Gannon University in Erie, PA. Sean completed a neurosurgery rotation at The Cleveland Clinic during his studies, during which time he became fascinated with and envisioned himself in the field of neurosurgery. Sean graduated valedictorian from Gannon University in 2013.

After graduation, he decided to continue his education and was accepted into the highly selective Surgical Residency Program for Physician Assistants through Norwalk Hospital /Yale University. During the residency training, he worked closely with Drs. Shahid, Batson, and Sanderson. They took note of Sean’s sharp interest in neurosurgery and offered him a position to join the group. In an honored fashion, he gladly accepted offer and joined the practice in October 2014 after taking a well deserved backpacking trip in Europe.

Aside from practicing medicine, Sean enjoys traveling the world. He is conversationally fluent in Spanish after studying the language in high school and college. Sean is a very competitive athlete and loves playing tennis and golf. He loves college football and is a big Ohio State Buckeye fan.