Katherine Swan
Neurosurgical PA

Katie was raised in Denver Colorado, and graduated from the University of Denver in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Chemistry, with an emphasis in Neuroscience.

She attended the University of Colorado School of Medicine PA Program, where she served as a graduate teaching assistant for the program’s physiology and biochemistry course. 

She developed a passion for surgical care during PA school; after graduating in 2013, she elected to further her education with the highly selective Norwalk Hospital/Yale School of Medicine PA Surgical Residency.  It was there that she first had the opportunity to work with the esteemed physicians at Neurosurgical Associates, who helped her discover her passion for neurosurgical care.

Katie has been practicing full-time in neurosurgery since her completion of the Norwalk residency in 2014, including most recently as a surgical staff PA with the Norwalk PA residency, where she lead the neurosurgical service, and was lucky to teach several classes of PA residents about neurosurgery concepts, as well as work closely with Drs. Shahid, Batson, Sanderson, and Marcus, providing care for their patients while in the hospital.

Katie was thrilled when she was asked to joined the practice at Neurosurgical Associates, and further grow her career as a neurosurgery PA.  She feels honored to be part of a group of surgeons who helped her realize her calling in neurosurgery several years ago, and now work professionally with them. 

Aside from practicing medicine, Katie loves cooking, traveling, hiking and being outdoors, singing, and enjoying live opera and musical theater