Do not use lotions, powders or oils on your incision during the healing process. (6 weeks)
The Steri-strips will start to curl up, but allow them to come off by themselves. Do not pull them off. There is the chance of opening up your incision.
It depends on the type of surgery. For spine surgery, you may restart your aspirin in 3 days. For brain surgery, please ask your doctor.
Your surgeon will tell you when you can restart your Coumadin.
As part of your pre-operative clearance, your Primary Care Physician can collect a nasal swab by rotating a bacterial swab inside of each nostril. If the test result is positive, then you are a Carrier. You will be referred to the Infectious Disease Department at the hospital.
You can call Danbury Hospital 797-7000, ask to speak with the Admitting Office & put in your request. They will be able to help you.
Notify your surgical coordinator if this is the case & she will provide you with an identification card to show the airport security screener notifying him/her of your metallic implant.
The actual length of the hospital stay may vary. For lumbar microdiscectomies, cervical laminoforaminotomy, the usual length of stay is one night. One may stay longer with more extensive surgery such as a fusion.
In some situations, you may need to go to a rehab center after your surgery. It is recommended that you look at the rehab centers before your surgery. Often times these facilities require an application to be filed before you are admitted to the hospital for your surgery. This will help to ensure that you go to the facility of your choice.
You should remove your dressing 5 days after surgery. You can expose the wound to water or liquids 5 days after the operation. If you want to shower prior to this, you should cover the wound with a waterproof dressing.
Most people start physical therapy 2-5 weeks after their operation. We will discuss physical therapy when you come in for your first follow-up visit.
You should not bend at the waist. Bending at the knees is ok, however.
Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your back or neck – especially after surgery. Sleeping on your side with a body pillow is best, or on your back with your knees and hips flexed.
Taking medications such as Colace or Senokot will help. They can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy.
You should wear the collar at least until your first follow-up visit unless otherwise directed by your physician.